Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Back in Action

After a long and unintended hiatus from my brief blogging career, I'm back. There's much to tell since the last report, but I'm going to have spread it out a bit; school days are in full swing now that we're nearing the end of the first quarter. Time has flown!

I suppose the most exciting--and certainly most-requested-by-blog-readers--story of the recent months was the victory of  Phil's Ultimate Frisbee Team, Shopski Otryad, over both the Romanian AND American University of Bulgaria teams! This was a major coup, for several reasons, but mainly because most of the team had never played frisbee before this summer. In fact, many of them had never even seen it played. Needless to say, Phil quickly became a clutch member of the squad (otryad).

The Romanian team was the clear favorite in the weekend's games, considering their players were mainly Americans and Brits who, presumably, had played before. Shopski delivered a stunning defeat in game 1, and later beat AUBG as well. You can bet that Saturday night was a festive one for the team, filled with emotion. As one player put it, "I feel so passionate!!"

Phil and his teammates savoring their victory. Check out those professional uniforms.

Phil about to flick past Romania
There's another game this weekend, so stay tuned for updates about Shopski, BG's rising frisbee star! Phil's doing a double-shift at the Halloween dance this Friday night, but his fans are hoping that he'll save a little something for the frisbee fields on Saturday afternoon.